Building Leaders


Ministry 101
A 4-session course that will help you serve God with your God-given gifts and talents using class discussion and hands-on practical ministry.

Membership Class
A 3-session course that will help you get to know our local church - Church of God-Makati. The course will talk about how the COGM organization is structured, how we make decisions and handle finances, and describes our relationship with church pastors, among others. This will allow you to choose to be an official member of Church of God-Makati.

Counselling 101
A 6-session course that will empower you with basic Christian Counselling skills.

Doctrines of Faith
A 6-session course that will help you understand and apply basic doctrines/teachings of the Bible.

Roots of Character
A 6-session course that deals with personal character issues using Jesus’ teaching of Beatitudes as our scriptural guide.



ASCM Master of Arts in Christian Leadership
A CHED-Accredited, 2-year Master’s Degree off-campus Program offered by the Asian Seminary of Christian Ministries (ASCM). Subjects include: OT Survey, NT Survey, Church History, Systematic Theology, Moral Theology, Strategic Planning, Research Methods, Missions, Hermeneutics, Practical Theology, Church Admin, Transformation Leadership, Community Development and Thesis Writing.