I'm new here


We are glad that you have come to visit us. You may have some questions as to why we do certain things as a church. In our FAQ, we will provide you with some information on the Biblical pattern of our worship services.

Why do we have church?
Why do we have a preacher?
Why do we read scriptures publicly?
Why do we have audible, loud praise to God?
Why do we have music in the church?
Why do we sing different kinds of songs?
Why are musical instruments used in the worship service?
Why do we pray and sing in tongues?
Why do we have speaking in tongues, as well as interpretations of those tongues?
What is prophecy?
Why do we have prophecy?
Why do we clap and lift up our hands?
Why do we have this type of worship?
Why does the whole church pray together for specific needs?