Our History

From humble beginnings in early 1998, Church of God Makati’s founding can be characterized as a birth brought forth by divine interventions and appointments, with a group of several hundred people seeking a pastor to provide them leadership. Pastor Dennis Heppner, his son Jonathan, and Pastor Daniel Villa accepted the invitation and began a pastoral team to shepherd this flock. With faith and excitement, this group and their new pastors rented a ballroom in the New World Hotel for their first worship service on the 8th of February, 1998. Dozens of committed people phoned all weeklong to inform people of where and when the service would be held. God miraculously provided funds for rent and musical instruments for the newly formed worship band. Almost 500 people were in that service! The church was officially formed and named the following week and the main Sunday services held at the Greenbelt Theater.

On March 1, 1998, the first Filipino worship service was held at the Makati Sports Club and then transferred to ASCM Chapel, which was then led by Pastor Danny Villa. Truly, COG was widening its circle of faith, ministering to more people as the committed workers were led by the Lord. To attest to the continuing growth, Wednesday evening services began three days later at the ACCM Building’s 4th floor Chapel.

After two years of worshipping in dark theaters which chased us out at exactly 12:30 Sunday afternoons so the movie could begin, we miraculously found a way to lease the old AMA Computer College located along Chino Roces. A lot of renovation had to take place which was completed in about three months and with much rejoicing and celebration, we moved in!

After nine years, 2009 and 2010 were both remarkable years for the church as we went full-blast with our Building Project – our permanent Faithplace. We encountered many different challenges in this project, but nevertheless, we have seen how God has been faithful to our church.  He has enabled us to overcome all these challenges and has given us His favor and grace so that we now have a permanent church facility located in Makati.